Concentration, focus AND collaboration

The many developments in healthcare require concentration, focus and collaboration. This applies at all levels, from general institutions, specialist centres and chains to individual directors, managers and teams of professionals. The complex internal and external dynamics this involves, present a huge challenge for professionals and directors in the healthcare sector.

We see many initiatives and help to explore, develop and realise these initiatives. CORDES is au fait with current developments in the sector and helps clients select and implement strategies.



  • collaboration between hospitals regarding the use of a joint laboratory
  • regional consultation between hospitals and first line for the restructuring of maternity care in the region
  • setting up a radiotherapy centre (collaboration between two hospitals)
  • consolidation: collaboration between hospitals, partnerships and professional groups
  • helping to achieve collaboration in a chain of healthcare providers
  • developing healthcare trajectories
  • forms of collaboration between academic hospitals and peripheral hospitals (sharing expertise and funds)
  • collaboration between management and specialists
  • collaboration between institutions in the area of operations (for example combined ICT development, combined payroll accounting)
  • mergers
  • strategy development and implementation within partnerships

GGZ mental health association

  • optimising and innovating youth psychiatry regions
  • organising research in a forensic psychiatry chain
  • team development
  • strengthening the professional climate
  • crisis intervention in specific departments
  • strategy development with regard to new position chain/municipalities

Elderly care

  • strategy conferences
  • reorganisations: mainly to reduce management levels