Powerful support for personal development

Our coaching focuses on three elements: attitude, patterns and behaviour.

The basic attitude: what are the standards, values, driving forces and motives that underpin someone’s behaviour?
The behavioural patterns: analysing someone’s patterns of behaviour. Why does he/she keep encountering the same problems? What is his/her own part in this?
Specific visible and noticeable behaviour: how can these patterns be broken? Offering behavioural alternatives and specific solutions.

CORDES coaches directors, managers and other professionals to help them recognise and change recurring problems in how they work. The coaching focuses on learning to recognise the patterns that cause these problems and on the individual’s part in developing and sustaining these patterns. We subsequently develop alternatives that suit his/her basic attitude and experiment with these.

In recent years CORDES has also specialised in coaching managers, directors and other professionals on fundamental matters concerning the positions they wish to occupy, now and in the long term, and how this fits their current working situation. This ‘Appreciative Coaching’ focuses on learning to recognise specific personal strengths and to use these strengths as a basis and guide for such choices.

The coaching programme looks at themes such as: empowerment, change management, personal leadership, collaborative attitudes, dealing with media pressure, personal positioning and profiling, culture changes and organisational dynamics, changes in perspective with regard to own role and work, and career explorations.


CORDES has coached many leaders and professionals, for example:

  • municipal secretaries, municipal sector/service directors
  • general managers in the social arena, healthcare
  • department heads/professors at academic hospitals and universities
  • directors, managers and team leaders in healthcare
  • high potentials in a commercial organisation
  • directors and managers of various departments
  • communication professionals
  • directors and key figures in business services
  • professionals in research and the knowledge-intensive services
  • executives of large municipalities