Leadership development 

Leading is more than managing

Realising effective changes within organisations means continuously searching for new ways to strengthen leadership. Maximum personal responsibility, applicability and a demonstrable learning result for each participant and the organisation are key to this process.

Why would you leave something as important as personal development to others?
We work on the assumption that personal investment in what you want to learn and how you want to learn it are vital for achieving to ownership and learning outcomes. Personal responsibility can be further enhanced by putting together, organising and/or holding training meetings.

Connecting and transferring
Involving the environment: stakeholders, customers, managers and colleagues provide valuable input, both with regard to ‘personal’ functioning and identifying current developments. Examples of specific instruments include a customer panel and 360° feedback.

Maximum focus on results and personal responsibility and an equal level of focus on commitment
You want to know exactly what the learning process will yield, both for someone’s individual development and for your organisation. Preferably in terms of measurable competencies and performance at an agreed point in time. This is why we place a strong emphasis on personal responsibility.

It doesn’t matter HOW you learn something – as long as you learn it
There are many different ways to learn and everyone has their own learning style. The self-study programmes allow room for projects, creative exercises, on-the-job assignments and coaching. This enables participants to design their own maximum-impact learning programme.


  • coaching management course for an international telecoms organisation
  • developing leadership in ‘high professionals’ (medical specialists, lawyers, technicians)
  • customised leadership development (group and individual) in many change programmes in municipalities, healthcare and the GGZ mental health service
  • using a leadership programme to strengthen a professional organisation culture (initiative, accountability, commitment to expertise)
  • changing leadership to enhance strategic change in a group of chemical companies
  • leadership development of professionals in forensic and intensive healthcare
  • leadership and coaching programme at a group of electronics companies
  • development programme for beginning and experienced managers at a production location in the graphics industry
  • leadership development programme for professionals employed in different companies in and around the Port of Rotterdam
  • career programmes for young, talented managers in the food industry via team meetings, personal coaching and e-coaching