Encouraging each other to be successful

Collaboration between professionals, managers, departments, divisions and organisations is a key driver of success. Poor collaboration results in fewer achievements – fewer than is required – or even worse: underperformance.
CORDES knows what is needed for good collaboration and helps improve collaboration, whether it concerns a crisis situation or a team seeking an extra challenge.
For CORDES improving collaboration means taking the collaboration partners seriously, promoting dialogue between them, helping raise the right topics, mediating where necessary and improving the participants’ skills, in order to develop a professional, critical climate together.
Team development of new teams/teams that have hit a brick wall, executive boards and management teams that face challenging decisions, and of parties in chain collaborations and organisational departments with serious conflicts are very common areas of work for CORDES.


  • setting initial collaboration standards with new teams for a specialist research institute 
  • serious crisis at a department in a psychiatric institution. The internal collaboration climate was unsafe and threatening to colleagues and patients. Healthcare Inspectorate insisted on issue being tackled
  • collaboration between a new department of professionals and a new manager with an entirely different style than his predecessor
  • collaboration in a food industry management team with critical questions regarding the company’s strategy
  • forms of collaboration between academic hospitals and peripheral hospitals (sharing expertise and funds)
  • collaboration between management and medical specialists
  • collaboration between institutions in the area of operations (for example, combined ICT development, combined payroll accounting)
  • gradually making unresolved conflicts in a family business discussable and resolving them, with respect for the family ties in the business
  • merger of two partnerships of medical specialists
  • opening up and managing a crisis of confidence at the top of a financial institution
  • ‘working towards collaboration’ programme by all departments and levels regarding a newly formed clinical chemical laboratory
  • newly formulated key focus areas in a hospital necessitate an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to patient treatment